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GTMT Sales Analyst

Graha Binakarsa, Jalan Haji R. Rasuna Said, RT.2/RW.5, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia



About the Role

  • Handle data analysing & processing for offline channel including distributor and reseller.

  • Make sure all offline channel data is input well and accurate.

  • Compile data from all brand admins and remind sales team about sales update.

  • Update weekly sales achievement for sales team and update day to day sales.

  • Record and assure all invoicing and administration work.

  • Compile and proceed baby shop PO, inventory report, sales report.

  • Maintain good relationship with all stakeholders.

  • Support event in general.


  • Capable at analysing and processing data, starting from data import export to result and summary

  • Capable at Ms. Excel (including formula and data), Ms. Word, Ms. Power Point

  • Thorough, agile, and careful with data and number

  • Have an analyst skill, beginners are welcome

  • Pay attention to details and assure data validity

  • Capable to handle administration work, inventory, data record, and legal data

  • Good attitude and initiative, work well with other departments

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