Data Engineer

Jakarta, Indonesia


Full Time

About the Role

  • Write and maintain data pipelines

  • Design and develop web crawling and scraping solutions with a focus on performance and accuracy

  • Build scalable tools that automate web crawling, scraping, and data aggregation to populate databases

  • Maintaining the running web crawlers full-stack application

  • Design-build web crawlers to scrape data and URLs.


  • 2-5 years Relevant experience in developing Web Scraping/Crawling using Python and in setting up the automated scheduling of the data scraping spiders.

  • Should have knowledge in scraping frameworks such as Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, HTQL, Jsoup, Web-Harvest and others.

  • Strong knowledge of Regular expression, HTML, CSS selectors, DOM, XPATH, etc

  • Knowledge of Javascript would be an added advantage.

  • Proficient in Git

  • Python Tech stack (Python library: Requests, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-learn)

  • Proficiency with cloud-based environments like AWS/ GCP, experience working with APIs / in an API-driven environment and web crawlers deployment.

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