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CTO Office

Jakarta, Indonesia


Full Time

About the Role

  • Collaborating with leadership team members to determine and prioritize business strategies

  • Oversee daily operations in collaboration with senior managers and department leaders, and perform administrative tasks such as managing calendars, generating correspondence, maintaining hard copies and electronic files, planning and coordinating annual corporate meetings, and scheduling facilities

  • Planning, coordinating, and keeping the contents of meetings focused and targeted

  • Providing tactical business support to implement ideas with the C-team

  • Working with leadership to deliver, monitor, and communicate progress toward goals

  • Responding to inquiries on behalf of the Chief Technology Officer

  • Overseeing strategic business initiatives from ideation to implementation

  • Identifying and helping solve core problems or opportunities within business processes

  • Providing Chief Technology Officer and other senior leaders with insight and analysis of the company’s operations

  • Assessing risk when business decisions are made

  • Identifying and providing recommendations on improvements across the organization


  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) in business administration or a similar field

  • Experience in data analysis and budget management

  • Min. 5 years of Consulting experience, with a focus on operations management

  • Proven success in a project coordination role

  • Nimble business mind focused on developing creative solutions

  • Strong project-reporting skills, with a focus on interdepartmental communications

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