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13 Okt 09:00 - 18:00

The Tribrata Dharmawangsa, Jl. Dharmawangsa III No. 2, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Indonesian local brands across diverse categories have experienced good growth in recent years. Despite being bombarded by big international brands, local brands are proven to be able to compete and show their existence in the market. Thanks to our creative entrepreneurs who continue to innovate and always strive to deliver perfect output, opting for locally produced products is no longer an issue for us. 


Although people's trust in buying local products has increased, our fight is not over yet. There are still many innovations to develop, a lot of inventions to craft, and many more stories to share.


Thus, Hypefast, as a company that hugely supports local businesses, we want to facilitate our future leaders in the Hypefast Local Brands Summit 2022. Hypefast Local Brands Summit 2022 connects local brand founders from all over the nation to realize this goal: scaling and amplifying local brands' future through innovative peer-to-peer discussions. We are creating a network that facilitates brand founders from various categories to connect, share, and take away learnings from each other.

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